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Cancer “feeding” foods to avoid

Just as there are foods that help fight and avoid cancer, there are products and dishes that are very likely to cause it.

Main causes of cancer are carcinogens, and there are many natural carcinogens. Carcinogens exist in multitude of forms: aflatoxin grows in fungus emerging on grains, nuts and peanut butter, dioxine, asbestos and others.

Obviously, tobacco smoke contains carcinogens.

However, one must understand that smoked and charred foods are carcinogenic as well. Just as you intake smoke from a cigarette, you are exposing yourself to risk when you eat smoked ham.

So having a cancer-proof diet means cooking your foods properly. Steam your meat, do not eat barbecue every day. In fact, go easier on meat, especially red meat. You can get all the vital proteins from chicken breasts and occasional veal, but stay away from abundance of red meat.

Once again, the most dangerous cancer-causing foods are:

cancer causing charred meat- Foods cooked at very high temperatures. That means grilled, dip-fried, pan-fried. Anything that’s charred needs to be cut off at least, while at a party. Occasional intake of barbecued meats is fine, as long as it’s accompanied by a good amount of fresh vegetables, but for the sake of your health, do not eat coals off charred meat.







cancer causing smoked foods: deli meat- Smoked foods. Just as smoking tobacco can cause cancer, so can eating smoked sausages all the time. Smoke is smoke and it contains same carcinogens each time.





foods causing cancer: fried stuff- Foods cooked in hot fat. French-fries, potato chips, chicken fingers, fish-n-chips, you pick, — all that is trash that your body actually has to cope with.









unhealthy foods: sugary fried donuts- Sugars and sweet stuff. Although sugar is not directly carcinogenic, it displaces and obstructs the nutrients you got from from healthy foods. So give your body a chance, eat healthy, cut down on sugars.



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