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Juices and leafy greens go hand in hand

We’ve written about the cancer-fighting properties of leafy greens and juices before. In fact, greens are the most potent cancer fighting foods, and you should intake them in abundance if you wish to avoid diseases. As for juices – they are the easiest way to consume green leafy vegetables in big volume. Imagine eating a whole heap of salads or spinach – that seems pretty boring. However, a glass of green vegetable juice takes just a minute to drink and contains all the protection our body cells need during the day.

Green juice recipe

Unlike conventional cooking, juicing allows a lot of creativity. You can interchange ingredients according to your taste and find your best combination out of hundred possible ones. Naturally you can spend a couple of minutes online and find a green juice recipe that sounds best to you – and start tweaking it later on.

The main ingredients of any green juice recipe you can find online will most probably be kale, celery, cucumbers, mint, spinach, lettuce, romaine, lime or lemon, ginger, parsley, cilantro and a lot more. Diversity is key here. Blending everything that you’d have a hard time eating in raw form but you know is healthy would be a good logic to follow. Add some carrots, orange or blueberries if you want to increase the antioxidant cancer preventing properties of your drink.

Using the right equipment

Most devoted juicing enthusiasts recommend using a blender rather than a juicer. Or, a part juicer part blender, like Vitamix – the reason is that you still need to consume some of the fiber that’s left out in the pulp. A blender gives you a thick smoothie that is not only full of microelements and enzymes, but is full of nutrients and can serve as a whole meal. You will see some of the recipes use fruit such as apples, pears, coconut and grapes, which makes the drinks contain even more calories.

A green juice made out of fresh vegetables with the help of a proper blender will be a great breakfast for anyone. Just experiement enough with te recipes and find the vegetable combination that clicks with you.

Yvonne Carter writes for BordeHole, a web magazine on lifestyle ideas in our changing world.

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