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does bubble tea cause cancer?Supposedly bad news for fans of new colorful drink called tapioca tea or boba tea.

This milk-based sugar drink containing gummy balls of tapioca might also contain chemical carcinogens known aspolychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs.

German researchers from the University of Aachen Hospital have allegedly found traces of carcinogenic chemicals in samples of tapioca ball. The tapioca was taken from an anonymous shop in Germany and was produced in Taiwan.

“This contains especially styrene, acetophenone and brominated substances that should not be in the food,” said Manfred Moeller from the Institute of hygiene and environmental medicine at the University of Aachen,

According to the EPA, PCBs include man-made organic chemicals produced by people between 1929 and 1979. These chemicals still exist in the environment despite their ban of production. PCBs are very toxic and have been proved to cause cancer, as well as a variety of other health effects on the immune system, reproductive organs, the nervous system and the endocrine cause.

*Note that there is nothing inherently toxic with the drink or tapioca itself that has been proved. It is the man-made toxic chemicals present in the drink that have alarmed the scientists. The chemicals could have gotten to the drink at any point, so let us remain unbiased until further developments!

Bubble tea has great popularity in Europe and especially in Germany. German McDonalds have started even to sell dessert drinks as part of its recently revised McCafé menu independent reports.

The concerns of cancer were published by a different public warning earlier in August by the country of the Federal Institute for tight risk assessment. German authorities warned that drinking can sticky balls brands pose a choking hazard.

“Only with children up to four years, the foreign danger of accidentally in the lung”, said Dr. Andreas Hensel in a press release on the website of the Institute. “And that is exactly what can happen when the bubbles are sucked through a straw.”

*We must admit, however, that this danger has nothing to do with supposed carcinogenic properties of the drink. So the whole thing might actually a competitor attack on the product.

In fact, the manufacturer is very serious about rebutting the claims:

A Taiwan manufacturer of bubble tea drink ingredients said Tuesday that franchise bubble store at Germany will protest media’s coverage, including the info that carcinogens could be contained in the drink.

Wang Chun feng, the President of Possmei Corp., said in  Taipei in a press conference by his company, that the drink ingredients does not contain carcinogenic substances.

A day earlier he had expressed dissatisfaction with the German authorities, the Possmei said that the situation still had to explain to the public, or to the German media were so unfavourable reports without reference to trademarks or details of test run a statement by Possmei spent.

Taiwan food and Drug Administration (FDA), meanwhile, said on Monday that the bubble tea does not contain carcinogenic chemicals.

Feng Jun-lan, an FDA official said the colorful bubbles in question sold in Germany are not usually seen in Taiwan.

Feng said that food coloring additives, containers that packaged the balls, as well as other packaging materials, could be to blame for the presence of carcinogens in the drink.

Feng said since only organizations extracts information private is still little clear, the authenticity of the evidence and have been cited in a laboratory of the University in the media, while they have been the official results by the German authorities not yet available to.

Our opinion at AllCancerFightingFoods.Com: chemicals found in a beverage are never a good thing. However, are they found in every serving of that beverage? Or in a certain supply of it? When did it get there? There are too many questions, and until we can answer them basing on extensive scientific research, we can not say that bubble tea, or tapioca tea, causes cancer. Very likely that competitors are bashing McDonalds (that has to be proved as well though). So choose the foods you eat well and live long!

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