All Cancer Fighting Foods

Healthy diet to avoid cancer

As you can see the list of cancer fighting foods is pretty long and there are no exotic foods there. You can get most things that help you shape an anti-cancer diet at a local store or a produce market.

We wrote that sugary products and sugar desserts are on the dangerous list of foods that might trigger cancer. Please note that it is not a cancer causing product or a carcinogen by itself, but a generaly unhealthy food that makes it harder for your body to absorb the useful nutrients you get from the anti-cancer foods. So you need to cut down on sugars if you wish to increase your chances of never getting cancer.

Now, it is really hard to keep to a diet devoid of any sweet food. You can still eat your desserts but you can switch to fruit dessert in order to not eat sugars. Fruit carry double value: not only they are cancer fighting foods by themselves, but they help you substitute unhealthy sugars from your diet. Fruits are rich in fiber, fructose and, naturally, vitamins. And we all know that it’s best to get vitamins from natural foods than from supplements.

So here’s a list of top cancer fighting fruits to add to your diet:


cincer fighting fruits: appleApples.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, we all know that. Apart from fructose, pectine and other valuable nutrients apples contain, there is quercetin, a plant chemical that, as studies have shown, reduces growth of prostate and lung cancer cells.






cancer fighting fruit papayaPapaya.

Here’s a more or less exotic  item on the list. It’s a great source of beta-cryptoxanthin, very closely related to beta-carotene. This natural chemical decreases risk of lung cancer up to 30%. The less exotic foods that contain beta-carotene are  red bell peppers, watermelons and apples.



cancer prevention fruit lemon peelCitrus fruits.

Oranges were named above; another potent cancer fighting fruit is lemon, namely lemon peel. Lemon peel and chemicals contained in it reduce the risk of skin cancer, and that was proved by a scientific study in the University of Arizona in 2001. Combined with hot green or black tea, lemon peel contributes to a tasty set of antii-cancer protection.




cancer fighting fruit guavaGuava.

Another exotic item on the list. Remember tomatoes containing cancer-inhibiting chemical lycopene? Guava contains the same nutrient, only concentrated and doubled, compared to tomatoes. So it’s either a guava or a pound of tomatoes. Both makes sense for a meal, really, but if you want diversity, go and look Guava up in your supermarket.



Already mentioned on the general cancer fighting foods page, berries need to be stressed. They are so rich in antioxidants that bind the dangerous free radicals and lead them out of your body, that they have a “superfood” status commonly acknowledged. So strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, cherry, blueberry, blackberry — they are all invaluable anti-carcinogenic protectors.

Eat healthy and live long!