All Cancer Fighting Foods

Healthy diet to avoid cancer

Cancer fighting drinks: juices and teas.

Since nutrition is one of the key factors in getting or not getting cancer, what you eat matters, as we have seen in the list of cancer fighting foods. Naturally enough, it also matters what you drink, as liquids help shape a perfect anti-cancer diet.

We mentioned green tea as a powerful anti-cancer drink previously; however there are many more items that are rather be put into a separate list. Not only teas, but other beverages, let’s take a closer look.


cancer fighting drink:ginger teaOnce again, green tea, black tea and ginger tea. Ginger tea is essential, because it blocks DNA damage, that is works on a very deep level of your body. Ginger tea has powerful antioxidant gingerol that protects DNA of your body cells and reduces chances of cancer. So brewing this fragrant root with a sharp taste is a good idea; don’t brew it with boiling water though, not to destroy all the nutrients. Rather, just put hot water over ginger pieces and crush them with a wooden spoon in the water. Mixed with lemon and honey, such a tea-like mixture becomes a real health boosting cocktail, strengthening your immune system and protecting your body cells from malignant tumors.

Brassica Tea.

This is an artificial beverage composed of green tea, black tea and broccoli extract. Since broccoli is not enjoyed by everyone but is still a cancer fighting superfood, it makes sense to drink it as a tea, devoid of the typical broccoli taste.

Green Tea.

Once again, do not underestimate the cancer fighting effects of green tea. Specific animal studies have shown that polyphenols found in this beverage help slow down growth of cancer cells. For humans it is breast cancer cells and prostate cancer cells.

Red beet juice.

cancer fighting drink: red beet juiceThis is a real health drink, effective in improving your immune system and protecting from cancer development. More specifically, this red root contains elements that increase glutathione production in your body, and glutathione helps detoxify your body, leading all the cancer causing elements out of your body. Red beets are quite boring to eat just like that, but squeezing delicious sweet juice from them makes it easy to keep your body protected with one of the most powerful antioxidants. Red beet juice is especially effective from colon cancer and affects your digestive system.

Apple juice.

Another great drink for colon cancer prevention. Studies have shown that drinking two glasses of apple juice per day decreases your risk of colon cancer by 40 percent, so you might think of having some juice regularly.

So please keep in mind that sticking to a cancer preventing diet is not only about chewing raw greens or eating grapes all you can. You can drink fresh-squeezed juices or enjoy fragrances of freshly brewed teas and thus contribute to your body protection, as cancer fighting drinks are easily accessible nowadays.

Eat healthy and live long!