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Vegetable juices and anti-cancer diet

We have discussed that vegetables are the most effective cancer preventing foods. Consuming vegetables when they are raw, however, is best, because all cancer fighting nutrients are preserved and have most effect on our body.

Vegetable juices are a great source of anticancer nutrients because they allow you to:

  • Intake more healthy elements than you would if you ate them; there are no fibers that make you full before you get a healing dose;
  • All cancer preventing nutrients are concentrated and processed by your body very easily when they come from vegetable juices.

Vegetables to make cancer-fighting juice from

Cancer Fighting Vegetable JuicesYou need to rely on the following veggies for your juices: carrots, red beet greens, cabbage & broccoli, green asparagus, red beets, bell peppers; and a pinch of turmeric (“curcuma”) is welcome in there too. Basically same list we gave before on the cancer fighting foods page. Juices from these vegetables will give you good portions of the following healthy nutrients:

  • Alpha & beta carotene;
  • Isothiocyanates,
  • Curcumin,
  • Proanthocyanidins
  • Sulforaphanes, etc. etc.


The basic & essential vegetable juice you can have if you wish to prevent cancer is made of carrots, red beets and cabbage. Red beets can go into the juice along with their greens. Having such a juice will bring your diet one notch up, and if you stay clean of cancer-causing foods and have a diet generally rich in antioxidants, you’re definitely building the castle of your nutrition on solid stone.

Fruit juices as cancer fighting drinks: important tips

While you should not be drinking more than 1-2 quarts (liters) of vegetable juice per day, you can always have unlimited amounts of fruit juices. They are delicious, easy to make and rich in cancer preventing nutrients as well.

While composing your fruit juice menu, center it around fruit and berries of blue or blue-ish color:

  • Blueberries;
  • Purple grapes;
  • Blackberries;
  • Raspberries;
  • Blackberries;

Pineapple, peaches and apricots are also great material to anti-cancer juices.

There is one important aspect, though: a big part of helpful nutrients is found in seeds and peel of some fruit. That is the case with purple grapes, peaches and apricots (the latter have nut-like seeds in hard crust). So if you can, grind the seeds as well for your juice (especially with purple grapes).

The following cancer fighting nutrients will be available to you with cancer fighting fruit juices:

  • Bromelain, pexoxidase;
  • Laetrile;
  • Ellagic acid;
  • Anthocyanins etc. etc.

Here’s a video on melanoma survivor’s carrot juice idea:

Note that he’s using the whole apple, with apple seeds, just as you should.

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