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Benefits of buckwheat.

Buckwheat is one of the healthiest products available to us. Buckwheat is known for thousands of years throughout the world, loved from India through Europe and China to Russia and North America. Although called “buckwheat”, it is not really a wheat-related culture, but more close to sorrels, knotweeds and rhubarb.

benefits of buckwheat

Buckwheat is a potent cancer fighting food.

Those interested in shaping a diet that will help avoid diseases, including an anti-cancer diet, should bother to find a source of good high quality buckwheat. Buckwheat is exceptionally rich in magnesium, B-vitamins, rutin, zink, copper, selenium, anthocyanins, and half a dosen other invaluable nutrients.


Buckwheat grain contains rutin, a powerful nutrient that has proved to stop tumor growth in mice. Moreover, buckwheat hulls contain nutrients that have cytotoxic effect on breast, liver and cancer cells. In particular, there is evidence for buckwheat to be a potent breast cancer-fighting (and breast cancer preventing) superfood.

anti-cancer properties of buckwheat

Antifungal properties of buckwheat

Studies have shown that buckwheat and its’ components have antifungal  properties. If you remember, there are dangerous fungi around us, in particular molds, and those are direct cancer causing nutrients. So staying risk-free and balancing the harm of having been exposed to fungi previously, means adding buckwheat to your diet.

Where to get buckwheat?

Do try to research and find if they sell buckwheat around you. This potent cancer fighting food has been really popular in Europe and North America previously (before the maize and wheat boom after the nitro-fertilizer discovery). Russia has been the leader in buckwheat production, right now the top buckwheat producers are China, Russia, Ukraine, France, Poland, Kazakhstan and the USA (source). In some first-world countries (Italy, Germany, etc.) this grain can be sold in pharmacies as a dietary superfood, so you might consider shipping buckwheat from elsewhere for cheap, as it’s considered regular food in the rest of the world.

Some people are actually growing it. Watch this video made by a healthy nutrition enthusiast, it’s on growing buckwheat:

Sprouted buckwheat: healthiest there is.

Fans of raw foods and enzymes are well aware of the benefits of sprouted buckwheat grain:

sprouted buckwheat cancer prevention diet

Consuming buckwheat grain sprouted makes your body adapt and prepared to fight diseases caused by stress and modern day routines.

Whether you are going to have it sprouted or plain boiled (tasty, tasty all the way! With butter or olive oil — however you prefer! One cup buckwheat to two cups water, slow simmering and there you go), do add this cancer fighting food to your diet, as your body and health will reward you for that.

buckwheat healthy food


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