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This site has been created to help anyone interested in living a long fulfilling life. Cancer is one of the most common health risks — according to the reports there have been over 1,5 million new cancer cases in the USA alone in 2011. Both men and women are equally exposed to danger.

cancer fighting foodsWhat can you do to avoid cancer? Since cancer is not a virus or a genetic disease, your health depends greatly on your lifestyle. Avoiding cancer includes regular physical exercise and proper nutrition. That is right, just like there are weight loss supplements there are foods that help prevent cancer.

Studies have shown that balanced nutrition gives very big chances to avoid cancer. All cancer fighting foods are listed on this site, and if you include them into your shopping list you can build up an anti-cancer diet to protect yourself and the ones dear to you.

Before we start off with the list of cancer preventing foods, ask yourself this question: do you care for your body as much as you care for your house or car? Remember, you are what you eat. If you try to look good and feel good you need to watch your food list. Foods can cause sickness and foods can fight sickness, that is a rule of nature we all have to play by.

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